Links to Wikis created by teachers

A wiki is a website that contains many pages with flexible connectivity between the pages. A wiki allows all users to freely edit content. There are controls for ensuring published content is appropriate to the topic of the wiki. A wiki also allows multi-user collaboration on common interest points. You can add graphics, video, podcasting, etc. to build a robust system with students and colleagues. Classroom examples for use of a wiki include portfolios (wikifolio), newsletters for students and parents, and the study of anatomy.

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You can create your own wiki with the following sites:
Wetpaint The Wetpaint site has many examples of how wikis are being used in education.

Add your favorite wiki to the list below. Don't forget to include your name and a brief description of the contents/focus of the wiki. You might also include a note explaining why you like this site and how you might use it with your colleagues or students.

Math wiki for High School students and teachers. An excellent example of a wiki for curriculum extension activities and help for students outside of class. Ms. Weirs math class ~ Pat

I'm putting a link to My Wiki page in progress- let me know what you think! Shanks's Science Space ~Niki

Foreign Languages is a wiki for the National Network for Early Language Learners. It is a place where PreK-8 language teachers can contribute ideas related to classroom practice, program development, professional development, district change initiatives, community outreach, and professional leadership. (added by HLeger)