Resources for using video for student assessment:
Creating and Assessing Video Assignments
Assessing Performance - technician preparation program
Module 6 from “Getting Results, A Professional Development course for Community College Educators”
*EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of Video for assessment: Use Alternative Assessments
Physics Alternative assessment video- lesson on parallelogram method for adding vectors. Student uses paper, pencil and voice to demonstrate his method of performing the assigned task.
Child singing: several angles of capture indicate several takes of the same song or multiple cameras. Professional video to be used for learning how to get what you want on the video.
EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of students’ reactions to teacher demonstration: Early childhood Education Apple Experiment- worm in the apple
Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Education: Look at the angles for capturing students at play/learning.
GOOD EXAMPLE of student behavior: Circle time: shows students behavior during whole group time
EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of student performing recognition of words and letters: Weather Song and Spelling.
GOOD EXAMPLE of Song and Dance performance: How’s the weather? Girls performing song and dance. Simple and easy to assess for ability to carry out the assignment.
ESL for very young learners: How to make kids talk to each other in English.
GOOD EXAMPLE of watching students perform counting: ESL activities: counting and number recognition
Counting to 40: teacher created, simple set of slides with voice over and transitions.
GOOD EXAMPLE for slide show effect: 10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew. Video with music, photos, text, and transitions.