Lesson plan ideas:

* World Language
Practice what has been taught in class as an extension to learn to be fluent in the language.
Publish materials covered in chapters such as vocabulary, songs, videos, photos, pictures, etc.
Learn about the culture and cultural practice of the targeted language.
Post homework assignments with related instructions and materials
Write about experiences or continue conversations started in the classroom.
Practice sentence/grammar construction
Focus on grammar objectives such as subject pronouns and either present tense or regular verbs.

Students create dialog and record their voices in fun activities with special characters.

Students will learn nouns associated with anumals, common foods and common places. They will learn how to begin sentences such as, "I like", "I don't like" and will record their examples using Blabberize to practice their use of the language. Classmates will be encouraged to critique all the creations, using good listening techniques.

Students will take examples from Blabberize and convert them to different pronoun recording the new sentence. Students will listen to various audio tapes to critique other students' work as well as practice their own pronunciation.

Students and animate their own stories using a different language.

Learn to communicate in writing and through speaking how to order at a restaurant in the target language.

Upload pictures of things students are familiar with or recently created. Other students will be able to comment on the object in writing or by speaking as an invited guest.

  • Math
Focus for this project is to engage students to write and "talk" about math. The project is to develop a place for students to discuss their problems and solutions to learn math. Instructions and feedback for student learning will assist the student after school hours. Similar to a homework help line, this project centers the students needs on their particular classroom topics that will be available for all students 24/7. It will be available for them anytime as they work at home with complex mathematical concepts.

Information distribution and student collaboration format to keep students up to date with classroom progress and activities.
* History
As students research a period of history, they can share their findings and links to relevant web sites.
Teachers can monitor who contributes to group projects.
All searches are recorded for easy documentation.

Students will record their progress as they research a period or person of importance. Shared blogs will assist other students on valid websites for gathering accurate data.

Create a reinactment of an historical event. Using either art projects or student created play recorded with digital video camera.

  • Science
7th grade life science class will investigate and report on one of the major organ systems of the human body, i.e., nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, etc. Students will work in groups of 3 to create a presentation that will be posted on the wiki. Each student will have an individual page for their content yet they will collaborate in more ways than previously.

Students will create podcasts explaining how the major organ system works. May be accompanied by student created art work or downloaded photo or animation depicting the action of the system.

Monitor a science project using a blog to keep students informed at all times. Students can ask for help and let the teacher know where they are in the project. Teacher will post weekly instructions or updates as reminders to the students of their progress requirements, keeping students abreast of the project expectations.
Adding pictures to the blog will help students visualize the step by step processes.
The blog will help deter the last minute panic as some students try to complete the assignment the night before the due date.
With blog comments, students can get answers to their questions anytime.

* Teacher Professional Uses
Wiki development by educational leaders will supplement a school or district training program. Pages of the wiki could contain links to related Powerpoint presentations, articles to experts' on specific topics, examples of strategies and best practices. Pages might also contain possible resolutions to typical problems, school documents on policy and procedures, discussion areas for multiple user responses to idea or problem, and much more.

Sample projects for view purposes only:

Please view these sites as examples of best practices. If you would like to communicate with the creator of the site, please look for their posted email address on the site or contact them here in the discussion area of this page. Thank you for respecting everyone's privacy and creativity.

Foreign Languages
http://sherwood-anderson-espanol.blogspot.com/ http://mychineseclass.wikispaces.com/ http://www.huayuworld.org/ http://srad-spanish6.blogspot.com/