What is a GLN?
Your global learning network or GLN is important to ensure you have necessary resources at your finger tips. There are many tools that can be used to build your GLN. You brought knowledge of some tools you used before beginning this course. After reading articles from experts on building a GLN that works for you, you will have a greater familiarity with other tools such as Delicious, Diigo, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Skype, Blogger and Google. At this point in your learning process, you know that you can link any resource to the tool of your choice as long as it has RSS feed capabilities.

The tool you select should be one that meets your needs as an educator.

Watch a video to learn about RSS feeds.
Why use RSS feeds.

Google Reader instructional video.

Add your favorite site:
Add your favorite web 2.0 tool that is part of your PLN below. Don't forget to add your name and a brief description of the tool. You might want to add a note about why you selected this tool or how it meets your needs for keeping up with current information in your subject area.

Classroom 2.0
Contributed by Cynthia Larsen
A resource that I use as part of my PLN is Classroom 2.0 . This is a NING that was created by Steve Hargadon . It is for anyone that is interested in learning more about social media and Web 2.0. One of the features that I try to take advantage of, when time allows, is the scheduled web casts that are attended by educators or others from all around the world. Many different topics regarding educational technology are presented by very knowledgeable people. They are participatory and encourage people to ask questions. They use Eluminate Live and even provide instructions for how to use Eluminate so that you can host your own webcast.They use an iGoogle calendar to schedule the events. I was even able to add the events (there are several daily) from their calendar to my personal iGoogle calendar with a click of a button. Also in the NING are connections to other PLC's on various topics. Hope you try it out!

Contributed by Joyce Smith
This is a website created by Robert Ahdoot, an energetic and entertaining math teacher. His video library covers a wide range of topics and is a great change of pace and reference for the students.

Contributed by Joyce Smith
This website makes coordinate geometry a fun, albeit irritating, game for students. It helps them recognize the equation of a line through repetition and the joy of killing the cockroach when the correct answer is given.