Innovative Teaching includes Technology
Podcasts and Vodcasts
Social Networking
Visual Learning
Virtual Learning
Portable Devices and Handhelds
Web 2.0 Tools
Educational Games
Interactive Whiteboards

Blogs and Microblogs Great site for teachers to learn about and how create a blog for their classroom A roundtable of teachers who are making a difference in their classrooms Discussions on technology topics and trends in the K-12 arena

Sample teacher blogs Kindergarten blog lots of teacher blogs with lots of ideas for 100 days.

Create your own Blog with Blogger

Podcasts and Vodcasts
To be developed

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Productivity: word processors, databases, spreadsheets, slideshows, sketch pads, and collaborative tools such as calendars and document centers.
To be developed

Social Networks including personal blogs, webpages, chatting and texting
To be developed

Visual Learning with photos and videos Language arts writing

Learning through Virtual Environments with Second Classroom

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Wikis for collaborative projects and learning.

One example of a Mathematics Classroom Wiki

Hundreds of examples of wikis used by teachers and students for learning and sharing information

Create your own wiki

Portable devices and handhelds
  • iPhone or iTouch (small cost per unit) PopMath from iTunes PopGeo for US Geography

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Web 2.0 Tools for education
Audacity for PCs...Download the application to edit audio on your computer.
Garageband for Macs... Download Garageband's latest version and learn about its features. Easy to use to create mind maps and bubble documents.
Capzles Put all your media together and insert in your blog, facebook page, etc.
Delicious FInd and collect interesting sites and information as well as share it with your friends and colleagues.
Diigo Bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes, documents, images, all can be saved with Diigo and can be used on your iPad.
Drupal Build everything you need for your learning community, free, flexible and great for sharing with groups. Best to be created by technical expert and shared with members for use.
Google Earth Download Google Earth to view anyplace in the world, see 3D buildings, images, terrain, cities, museums, and much more.Great for geography classes and taking a global field trip.
Google Forms (Surveys) Create a survey and gather feedback for your project. Link to spreadsheets and presentations and drawings from this page.
Google Reader and Custom RSS Feeds Keep up with all your sites and readings as well as share your pages with colleagues.
MindMapper12 Create a mind map online and print to your desktop or save on the website.
Moodle Create courses for your students from school site or global partners.
Prezi Create your presentations online to show anywhere, anytime.
Skrbl Easy to use online whiteboard. Skrbl Now is a widget that allows you to share your whiteboard with others.
Slideshare Upload your slideshows, documents, and videos and show them anywhere, anytime.
Storybird ( Encourage students to read or create stories of their own.
Webspiration... now a subscription application.
Xtranormal Turn type or text into speech. Great for foreign language students, creating instructions for a process, help at home for students to learn a difficult skill, etc.

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Educational Games: Tic Tac Toe Funbrain Game finder. You can search by grade and subject.

Subject area and topics.... Websites for Education that can be searched by grade, subject, or both. Mathwire offers lots of activities with printables. Illuminations, a product of NCTM, is a resource for teaching math. Activities, lessons, Standards and web links. Great games for students to practice math skills such as factors, primes, flips and slides, fractions, squares

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Interactive whiteboard software

National School Products

Interactive Whiteboard Software – resources for teachers



Interactive sites to use on an Interactive Whiteboard

Integer Cars

Fraction Rods

Go to Eggs- discover fractional parts by dividing up the eggs in the cartons

Center for technology and teacher education - Mathematics

Technology in the Classroom at Witchita Public Schools

Whiteboard Tutorials and Templats

Smart Notebook Tutorials

Interactive White Board Resources from Amphitheater Schools

Mrs. Hurley’s ESL page of Smartboard favorites

iPads for one to one learning

From Apple

Smart Apps for Kids offer lots of free stuff.

Top 50 Free Apps for students all levels and subjects

Apps for Special Needs students -- cost between $.99 and $5.99

10 lowcost apps that are highly rated for young children

22 Free apps that "don't suck"

10 Apps for Elementary kids

10 top apps with reviews by teachers

Children's books for iPad with reviews
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