From recent workshops with teachers many ideas were gathered for the use of video in the classroom. Below are several of those creative ideas to add your bank of ideas. Please take away what you need and email me ( with your ideas to share with others.

The amount of information that video can provide for assessment and documentation is only limited by the criteria that you set for each task.
  1. Video students singing songs learned in class to post on teacher web page for parents to learn.
  2. Students create clips that demonstrate sign language to help others learn to sign.
  3. Teachers produce "how to" clips to help students remember information or to use as study guides for tests.
  4. Book reports are recorded and put in a collection to encourage others to read favorite books.
  5. Students record other students who are presenting information as a documentary.
  6. Physical education students video students performing a specific task as a "how to" or to assess how well the task is completed.
  7. Discussions among small groups are captured by parent volunteers to document how well each of the students performed or to help them develop steps to improve.
  8. Video a student reading at different times of the year to show the progress that is made over the year.
  9. Capture students performing a scientific experiment.
  10. Capture a clip of students demonstrating a mathematical solution on the board with an oral explanation of the process.
  11. Set up a task for students to create a story using a series of photos, music, and voice over, digital storytelling.
  12. Capture students taking an interview or asking another person questions. Often used for family or historical biographies.