Links to great blogs by teachers

A blog is a website that is maintained by one person and contains a journal of entries. Comments may be permitted by viewers. Classroom application includes student responses to a book review, explanation of mathematical problem solving processes, and branching stories. Below are several blogs teachers might find interesting.

From Edublog... Teacher Challenge. Participate in online learning so you can take advantage of using a blog for learning. Learn with colleagues, students, and experts in the field. Beginners will be encouraged to start a blog, while novices and advanced bloggers can improve their blogs.

21Classes is a blogging website in which you can create a blog for students. It is good place for teachers and students to begin blogging. It is free. The teacher has control of the content and students' accounts. See a sample of posted blog.

Robust teacher blog that writes about current trends and news in education.

Teacher Lingo is a blog for teachers by teachers. Contains blogs, lessons, and a message board. You are able to look for teachers with similar interests as well as get feedback on your ideas.

Edublogs My choice for making and managing student & teacher blogs free and easy. The custom designs give it a great look with minimal ads.

TeachHUB a site for teachers with discussions, blogs, lessons, advice, photos and many other resources.

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Steve Spangler BlogHere's a blog that deals with science education in the classroom. Steve has recently been on the "Ellen" show doing experiments. Keeping science fun and fresh helps students understand different concepts.
Teaching Students with Disabilities is a great blog with amazing resources for teachers of students with Multiple Disabilities. The author, Kate Ahern, is an amazing advocate for children! - Bridget is an amazing blog that I found that provides lots of ideas (with examples!) of FL activities to do with my students. There are internet activities as well as those based on Web 2.0 tools, links for FL teachers, student blogs and wikis, and some great gadgets that I have already incorporated into my blog. In brief, it has shown me what a great French blog looks like and, more importantly, it has shown me a myriad of things that can be taught, reinforced, assessed and achieved via Web 2.0 tools in Foreign Language education today, both by student and teacher. It's awesome...check it out! (added by HLeger)