For Session Four of the course "Learning and Teaching with Web 2.0 Tools" you are going to collaborate in this wiki by adding content, suggestions and recommendations to several of the topic areas. Follow the instructions below to become familiar with this wiki.

1. Select two topics (pages) from the list below and add at least one educational resource or website that you would like to share with the class.
  • Blogs and Microblogs
  • PLN
  • Web 2.0 Tools
To add your resource/website to a page, click the link in the left sidebar.
The page will load. The name of the page will appear at the top of the white "content" area.
An EDIT button is located above and to the right of the content area.
Click the EDIT button.
Note: The page will change to the edit mode. You will know you are in the edit mode when you see a toolbar at the top of the wikispace page.

While in EDIT mode, place the cursor where you want to add your resource/website and begin typing. You are limited to the formatting options displayed on the tool bar. Do not use the Widget button for this wiki exercise.

Remember to SAVE your work by clicking the SAVE button when you are finished entering your resource/website.

Format for your contribution to the pages of your choice:

To create the active link (blue, underlined website), type or paste the link into the page. Then Highlight the URL. Click the Link (chain icon) button in the toolbar. From the three tabs, select EXTERNAL LINK. In the new window, for Address type/paste the URL of the resource/website you are recommending. Check the New Window box. Click ADD LINK at the bottom. That's it!