16 Controls in the iMovie Window

1. Project Library – Location for all movie projects on your computer
2. iMovie Project – Displays current position in clip and is used for editing.
3. Monitor Window – Views clips or your final iMovie project.
4. Play Project Icon – Play selected movie project in either viewer or full screen.
5. New Project – Click to begin a new project. AddProject.jpg
6. Frame Adjustment – Adjusts the number of frames per thumbnail.FrameNumber.jpg
7. Import – Activates camera (built-in or external) for recording video.
8. Flip Switch -- Swaps the Source Video and the iMovie Project.
9. Thumbnail Resize – Drag to adjust size of thumbnails.
10. Event Library – Location of all events on your computer (imported video clips).
11. Add Selection – Click to add clips to your project.
12. Favorites Tabs – Mark/Unmark/Reject clips or parts of clips to use frequently.
13. Options Tabs – Create voiceover; crop or rotate; initiate the inspector to adjust the clip, video, or audio.
14. Audio Skimmer – When on, plays audio of selected clip as you skim over it.
15. Edit Browser icons – Add music or sound effects, photos, titles, transitions, and maps and backgrounds.
16. Source Video – Location that displays all events from a particular source (file folder, external drive, etc.)